The future is born out of our past

C.E.I. was set up back in 1969 as a manufacturer of gearboxes and differential gears. In over 40 years of activity CEI has tried to make its products innovative gaining most of its experience from years of study.


C.E.I. was set up back in 1969 as a manufacturer of gearboxes and differential gears. In over 40 years of activity CEI has tried to make its products innovative gaining most of its experience from years of study.

Two factories built on an area of approx. 18.000 square meters, considerable investments in advanced technologies and passion - moving the company ahead through the years - have led CEI to be a leading company in the spare parts business, exporting its products to more than 65 countries throughout  5 continents.

The future is born out of our past

Since 1969 CEI has adopted a policy of considerable investments in advanced technologies for the manufacture of its parts. As well, big investments have been made in terms of human resources necessary to maintain the highest quality standards; the constant research for innovative solutions as well as  great passion for precision mechanics  can guarantee constant quality, well known and appreciated throughout the world for over 40 years.

Each day, the production facilities process tons of raw material, shaping and transforming them under the watchful eyes of our technicians, committed now as in previous years to achieving a quality comparable to that of the original part and in some cases even managing to improve it further.

CEI looks optimistically to the future, never forgetting its past, more ready than ever to take up the production challenge of the new millennium which will sees CEI still with a part to play.

The future is already here, the future is CEI.

Production and innovation strictly made in italy

"Made in Italy" has always been a synonym of consistent and enduring quality. Our head office and all our plants have always been and will remain in the industrial district of Bologna, the main city of the hard-working Emilia Romagna region.

Our choice was born out of the awareness that consistent quality requires careful inspection of every production process from the fusion of raw material through the mechanical processing to the marking and packing.

The use of technologically advanced equipments, the same as used by the original equipment manufacturers, enable CEI to guarantee technically perfect products.

We have always believed that our deep commitment to improving our products is our best visiting card. Every time one of our customers opens a CEI box he finds a component produced to last. Today like yesterday, our enthusiasm comes from the satisfaction of our customers who have trusted our products for over 40 years with absolute confidence.

More than 1.000.000 parts in range

The reorganization of the warehouse has played an important role in the constant growth of CEI.

The proliferation of production models combined with the enlargement of our product range led us to invest a noticeable part of our company assets in stocking of finished products. However, this admittedly onerous solution means we can satisfy the requests of our customers in real time and dispatch almost all orders.

Every year, more than 400 new finished product part number are added, in our warehouse thus increasing our market penetration.

The management of such a complex structure is entrusted to a sophisticated warehouse management program which, combined with bar code traceability, allows us to control and analyse the situation of stocks of raw material, semi-manufactured and finished products at any moment.

Our staff look after every detail of each shipment, providing the same level of care that accompanies every different manufacturing phase, and the same level of care that has always accompanied CEI brand products.

Product Range

Our range includes every type of component used in gear and differential transmissions from the main industrial vehicle and engine manufacturers. In the last few years we have developed production batches for complete groups.

CEI has enlarged its product range including new components for Steering, Suspension, Engine and Braking System.

Worth mentioning are components like bearings, oil seals, and miscellaneous of accessories selected among the most important makes and fundamental to the completion of  maintenance operations on any vehicle.

Product Applications

CEI range covers a wide number of models and versions for the main manufacturers of industrial and commercial vehicles and buses, such as Mercedes, MAN., Scania, Volvo, Renault, Daf, Meritor - as well as transmission groups of the main manufacturers like ZF and Fuller (Eaton).

CEI... Synonym of Quality

The quality of CEI products is the result of experience and constant investments which raise the technological level of the manufacturing process in all departments:  Design, Testing and Quality Control by use of most sophisticated control and analysis instruments present on the market.

CEI has been found to comply with the requirements of (TUV and GOST-R). As well, CEI has obtained the status of Authorized Exporter in compliance with FTA requirements.

The birth of a masterpiece

Our technicians never leave anything to chance and analyse each new product as a whole, always seeking to recreate the "original" quality in each and every one.

Every process is analysed by one of our operators and checked again by a manager to eliminate every possible imperfection. The design process also includes mating tests with the original parts to guarantee a very high quality product.

The costs of this production policy are very high, but are always repaid by the conviction that our customers' satisfaction must start from a perfect design.

Quality Control

Our safety is based on a rigid system of production analysis.

We inspect everything, including the quality of the steel, the turning tolerances, the noise of the teeth and the match with the original part.

Every inspection phase is recorded using special software which analyses the information flow in real time so that we can be absolutely sure that the inspected part conforms to the required specifications and to the working technical drawing.

We mark all our products with our logo and the identification code of the production batch, the latter for traceability purpose.

Customer Service

Customers satisfaction is CEI top priority; hence a dedicated structure has been created to assist the clients of each market from their inquiries to the resolution of any problem after-sales.

CEI S.p.A Costruzione Emiliana Ingranaggi

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CEI Costruzione Emiliana Ingranaggi

C.E.I. S.p.A Costruzione Emiliana Ingranaggi

Via Emilia 239
40011 Anzola Emilia

Tel. +39 051 6506200
Fax +39 051 733832
Export Fax +39 051 734128

CEI Costruzione Emiliana Ingranaggi

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